The blogosphere is pulsing with excitement and purpose. A movement is afoot to contact our Senators and Reps follow this to link to read about ‘Operation Flabbergasted: Let’s Watergate Bush’.

Included here is a link to write your representative and your senators.

Get on the bandwagon, write today. More later

Update: There is a great post by blogger Glenn Greenwald which explains the FISA requirements and the Bush administrations clear violation of them. Additionally, he traces the genesis of an irresponsible ‘legal analysis’ which was picked up by conservative bloggers all over the country.

A blogger named Al Maviva wrote a staggeringly dishonest post which he said was based upon what he called a “little legal research” concerning FISA. He then proceeded to deliberately mis-quote the statute in order to reach the patently false conclusion that “the President probably does have the power to order NSA to monitor suspects, without a warrant, in terrorism cases.”

There cannot be enough emphasis on how serious this violation is. Bush trumpeted defiantly that the terrorists would not change our way of life. He declared that he would not allow that to happen. In this regard, we have already lost the war on terror.