A municipal court judge found a 17 year old rape victim guilty of filing false reports against her alleged attackers. Read the whole story here

After a day-and-a-half trial, Municipal Judge Peter A. Ackerman on Friday convicted the woman of filing a false police report, a class-C misdemeanor. Ackerman explained his decision, saying there were many inconsistencies in the stories of the four, but that he found the young men to be more credible. He also said he relied on the testimony of a Beaverton police detective and the woman’s friends who said she did not act traumatized in the days following the incident.

Now 19, Washington County, Oregon prosecutors declined to prosecute the victims attackers they didn’t think they could prove a rape allegation. Not uncommon for an attorney’s office to make such a judgment when facts are in dispute but then to prosecute the victim for filing false charges, well that is quite a twist.

How many victims are going to be afraid to come forward after this? Don’t fall victim to assault in Beaverton, Oregon, whatever you do.