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People vs McGuffin-some personal ramblings on hope and despair

The most striking change has been in the defendant, Nick McGuffin. Gone are the relaxed and easy smiles and confident demeanor he exhibited when first the trial began. In the last few days he seems noticeably more agitated, he swallows frequently, his breathing is marked by deep breaths and audible exhalations and I am not surprised by word that he will not testify on his own behalf,

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City Council should apologize to the citizens of Coquille

Looking over my notes of the last few days the sheer depth and breadth of Mike Reaves contempt for the citizens he swore to protect and serve is staggering. The council members who staunchly defended him instead of protecting the citizens who elected him, Fran Capeheart, Bruce Parker, Corky Daniels for example, should prostrate themselves at the next public meeting and beg forgiveness.

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More on Leah Freeman murder People vs McGuffin

Residents of Coquille who have been subjected to the unprofessional behavior of the former police chief, Mike Reaves, will appreciate some of the testimony today from Denise Bertrand, Leah’s older sister. Bertrand reported that the families attempt to report Leah as missing went “horribly” with Reaves dismissing the disappearance as a runaway and essentially not bothering to look for Leah until after the discovery of a bloody shoe days later.

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Leah Freeman murder comes to trial against all odds

Whether the district attorney can prove McGuffin guilty beyond a reasonable doubt or not, this trial is a triumph of a mother’s will to see justice for her daughter. For the citizens who rose up to bring badly needed changes it is proof that working together, even against the inertia of an aging and disdainful city council and an unfeeling city manager, can make a difference.

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