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Mike Gravel – Helter Skelter

I have said it before, I really like this man. For those who do not know his history go here. Senator Gravel helped end the draft and read 4000 pages of the Pentagon papers into the Congressional Record, often stopping to wipe...

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Ralph Nader running for president

Nader is opting in again as an independent. Read the announcement at Rawstory. While this will irritate a lot of Democrats I know I am personally pleased to have more choices. I wish Gravel, Kucinich and even Bloomberg would all...

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Mike Gravel

Et tu, Dennis? Our presidential candidates are being chosen for us by the media – beware America. While I like Kucinich it is true that he did not raise his voice when Mike Gravel was excluded from the debates.

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Mike Gravel takes his plea to the web

As I have said before, I really love this guy. What strength of conviction and courage he has. Watch this video montage and visit his website here Mike Gravel read into the Congressional record almost 4,000 pages of the Pentagon...

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Mike Gravel holds an alternate debate

Arbitrarily shunned by the mainstream media Gravel pulled off his own debate Regardless of whether Gravel can ‘win’ he opened up the debates to true debate, calling out his fellow candidates about the issues the...

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Gravel tells it like it is

Mike Gravel is one tough old bird and I wouldn’t have any trouble voting for him if he gets the nomination… I might even write him in ’cause we need someone with his integrity and courage as a leader. Yes, young men and women are dying each day and our democratic majority isn’t doing what it takes to bring them home.

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