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Tag: Americans For Prosperity

Sanne to discuss the county’s budget at Americans for Prosperity meeting

Randy Sanne, candidate for commissioner position number one, will be speaking tomorrow evening at the Americans for Prosperity meeting to be held at the ESD building in North Bend. Sanne will present his budget plan and explain how close the county os to a balanced budget already. Sanne is expected to provide a detailed analysis that belies recent claims made by the structure advisory committee co-chair, Al Pettit, that the county is close to insolvency.

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Americans For Prosperity backers insinuate their profit agenda into politics

Libertarian billionaire Koch brothers throw their wealth at state level politics, climate change denial, union busting and deregulation, all of which makes them richer while they still lay off thousands of workers. Al Jazeera’s People and Power exposes the Koch backing of the Americans for Prosperity political organization and ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council.

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