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Americans For Prosperity backers insinuate their profit agenda into politics

Libertarian billionaire Koch brothers throw their wealth at state level politics, climate change denial, union busting and deregulation, all of which makes them richer while they still lay off thousands of workers. Al Jazeera’s People and Power exposes the Koch backing of the Americans for Prosperity political organization and ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council.

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ALEC Exposed – Corporate influence on Oregon legislation

ALEC’s model legislation reflects long-term goals: downsizing government, removing regulations on corporations and making it harder to hold the economically and politically powerful to account. Corporate donors retain veto power over the language, which is developed by the secretive task forces. The task forces cover issues from education to health policy. ALEC’s priorities for the 2011 session included bills to privatize education, break unions, deregulate major industries, pass voter ID laws and more.

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