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1st Amendment rights


Lakeside City Hall and MP Herald editor double team Coast Lake News

The Sheriff’s Department confirms an incident report, #S210-09-809 filed on August 25, 2010 at 10:20 AM by a Regina Charlene Hill, was filed charging the Coast Lake News with harassment and publishing ‘untrue’ articles. Ms Hill, known by Lakeside residents as Charlie Hill, city administrator of Lakeside City Hall, has taken issue with the paper’s […]

Excellent summary of the importance of a free press to a healthy democracy

Michael Scherer does an excellent job of dissecting toture advocate Mark Thiessenattack on Wikileaks. Scherer looks back at history, namely the release of the Pentagon Papers that helped turn the war. The Pentagon Papers showed that more than one president deliberately mislead the country about the war in Vietnam and almost 70,000 US troops died […]

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