By Jaye Bell

The World recently ran a front page article indicating the Board of Commissioners is considering selling our Beaver Hill Solid Waste facility. There will be a meeting of the Solid Waste Advisory Commitee on November 2 at 3:00 PM in the Coquille Owen Building (corners of 2nd and North Adams) to discuss the facility’s future.

Our Solid Waste Department, which is is a very important part of Coos County infrastructure, is meeting all “environmental quality” standards.

Our Solid Waste Department generates the income needed to pay for: family wage jobs; routine maintenance; upgrades in equipment; and prudent insurance. It does all this and cost increases to businesses/individuals and waste pick up companies have only been in direct relation to cost increases to the Solid Waste facility itself.

Our Solid Waste Department has the potential to bring additional money to our county through a contract with Douglas County to process part of their waste.( I believe this contract is in process at this time.)

With proper routine maintenance and upgrades, as is presently being done, the present facility could last another 30-50 years.

Why would anyone want to sell this important part of our infrastructure at this time?

Instead of ‘fast tracking’ to sell this important part of our infrastructure, should the public be calling for a financial audit to clarify the pro and con value of this department?