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It was a lovely goat.

It was a lovely goat.

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Music: First Time – Lifehouse.

Quote the title comes from:

‘Oh no, don’t say that,’ he said, ‘it was a lovely goat. I won’t hear a word against it.’

The second book in the Hilary Tamar series is considerably shorter than the first, however it seemed to me that it dragged a bit. Still, it was an enjoyable book.

I think, perhaps, I got a bit too distracted trying to figure out Hilary’s gender, though. Reading the book, I’d come across a passage that would make me go “Aha! She’s a girl!”, then I’d think about it, and realize that it didn’t confirm it at all. All I have come to realize is this:

1. Hilary is old, but that was made obvious in the first book. 

2. Everything that makes me think Hilary is a woman, can be turned around to make her seem a man. Her. Him. It. Bloody hell!

Okay. Maybe I’m making too big a deal of this. I’m just really curious. I’m getting a friend of mine to read the series, and I’ll see what he thinks.

Onto the review. As I said, the book dragged a bit, but was still enjoyable. In only has one murder, but several close ones, and quite a bit of sailing and references to Homer. Again, the urge to get out a notebook was around, but I didn’t follow it.

It’s taken me two days to write this review. On these grounds, I’m going to post it now, even though it’s woefully short and horrid. The next one should be better, as the book is noticeably longer, and will hopefully leave a more lasting impression.

– S.

P.S., The Shortest Way to Hades
is the title of the book. I completely forgot to mention that.

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