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Before I speak, I have something important to say.


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Music: Breathe In [Jason Bentley Remix] – Frou Frou

I’ll start this post by saying I spent a horrid amount of time looking for a title, so thanks be given to Groucho Marx for ending my suffering.

You may call me Spice. I’m an unpublished writer of fantasy, wishful photographer, and a drinker of tea at midnight. I’ve been asked by the Great One (i.e., Mary Geddry) to write for her blog. Now, my interests aren’t political, so if you’re hoping for that, I must apologize. However, if you’re looking for posts about books, movies, (occasionally) music, and the environment, we’ll get along just fine.

The schedule I’m hoping for is two or three posts a day, but I’m a terrible procrastinator, so who knows how that’ll turn out. Cross your fingers, I suppose, or just bug me incessantly until something is finished. In fact, I encourage such behavior – bring out the whips and speed dials!

I suppose some comment on my tastes in books and the such is needed, to prepare you. For books, I gravitate towards fantasy and science fiction, although I’ve been known to explore other genres. I’m open to suggestions on what to read, but be warned that I stay away, for the most part, from sad things with unhappy endings.

With movies, I carry no real preference, except that I abhor romantic comedies. You can expect a flurry of reviews on Alfred Hitchcock films soon, as I got twenty of his early films at the store the other day.

I have high hopes for us, dear readers. Please, don’t hesitate to contact me, or leave suggestions. With good luck, this will be the beginnings of a wonderful relationship. Now, I need tea.


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