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Urban Combat


Cynical manipulations

For many military families, the release this month in a report by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence determining that intelligence activities leading up to the occupation of Iraq were deliberately distorted, is not a revelation. The report’s conclusions, that the administration knew claims of weapons of mass destruction, ties to al Qaeda and confirmations […]

Defacto draft-gate – Olbermann takes on Condi

No one volunteered to be ‘stop lossed’ repeatedly into Iraq. Reestablishing a draft would be politically imprudent and detrimental to the continued war effort as envisioned by the administration. Consequently, our troops are being extended repeatedly against their will because pro-war advocates will not enlist. I have written about this before. The above video is […]

Robert Fisk on reverse progress

Writer Robert Fisk discusses the semantics employed by George Bush. In particular, apparently to ‘re-educate’ the public about the truth in Iraq, Bush’s use of words beginning with ‘re’. Note, too, the constant use of words that begin with “re -”. Renew. Revive. And – incredibly – Bush also told us that “we actually re-liberated […]

Winter Soldier 2008 ongoing

From the Washington Post Former Marine Jon Turner began his presentation by ripping his service medals off his shirt and tossing them into the first row. He then narrated a series of graphic photographs showing bloody victims and destruction, bringing gasps from the audience. In a matter-of-fact voice, he described episodes in which he and […]

US finances attacks on its own troops

Dabbling in foreign affairs without adequate understanding of local cultures is a dangerous thing. It is proving very dangerous for our troops as detailed in this article by Gareth Porter at Asia Times. Funded by US money and supplied with weapons by the US military has further endangered our troops. …mainstream Sunni insurgents who have […]

Winter Soldier testimony planned

This month from the 13th to the 16th hundreds of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans will testify about what the war is really about. This year, from March 13 to 16, about 300 veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will follow in the footsteps of their predecessors, gathering for a second Winter Soldier conference, […]