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Soldiers in Revolt


Sunshine soldier and the winter patriot

A fellow peace activist wrote this and gave me permission to post it here. It is moving and thoughtful and attends to the too little attention given by the mainstream media upon these gut wrenching testimonies of our wounded warriors, our true winter patriots. Editor: As noted in The World (March 17, 2008), Sunshine Week […]

Winter Soldier 2008 ongoing

From the Washington Post Former Marine Jon Turner began his presentation by ripping his service medals off his shirt and tossing them into the first row. He then narrated a series of graphic photographs showing bloody victims and destruction, bringing gasps from the audience. In a matter-of-fact voice, he described episodes in which he and […]

Winter Soldier reaches out to all GIs

One of the first conscientious objectors was Camilo Mejia who is now on the board of IVAW, Iraq Veterans Against the War. He has helped organize this Winter Soldier event because he feels it is his patriotic duty to defend the constitution. Mejia was court martialed for refusing to redeploy to his unit after two […]

Veterans for Peace meeting

There were about twenty local veterans from the Vietnam and Korea era attending this evening as Elliott Adams, president of Veterans for Peace visited with Chapter 141 for the first time. Many issues were discussed from furthering the peace movement, veterans health care. impeachment and the Winter Soldier event this month in DC. One issue […]

Winter Soldier testimony planned

This month from the 13th to the 16th hundreds of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans will testify about what the war is really about. This year, from March 13 to 16, about 300 veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will follow in the footsteps of their predecessors, gathering for a second Winter Soldier conference, […]

Asian American soldiers believe in the Constitution

The occupation of Iraq and the Bush adminstration have put to the test the mettle of many soldiers who swore first to uphold the constitution. Among them are several Asian American soldiers who have an interesting historical perspective on the use of torture. “Torture is un-lawful”, are the first words of his keynote address, part […]

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