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Rogue River Wind


As China chokes back on rare earth exports what happens to Electric Vehicles?

As mention on this blog before, 98% of all rare earths, many of which are deemed critical to the energy, defense and electric vehicle industries, are controlled by China. This leaves those countries and companies outside of China vulnerable to trade restrictions. Recently, over diplomatic tensions, China cut off supply to Japan a leading manufacturer […]

Rogue River Wind in the news a bit

Sustainable Business Oregon, a publication of the Portland Business Journal, does a short bit on RRW. Rogue River Wind of Coquille, Ore. announced last week that the company acquired the rights to a novel generator design for use in a ducted fan wind turbine. The company will also license the technology for other applications. The […]

Rogue River Wind introduces radically new relativistic generator

Rogue River Wind introduces radically new relativistic generator

Coquille, Oregon
Rogue River Wind, Ltd, (RRW) an Oregon renewable energy company has acquired the rights to a revolutionary new relativistic generator (REM) design. RRW is the developer of a ducted fan wind turbine, the V-LIM, capable of operating in low, high and turbulent winds up to Class 2 hurricanes. The V-LIM requires an equally robust, high bandwidth, direct drive generator capable of capitalizing on these powerful kinetic forces. The higher the RPM the more power the REM produces.

Communities for Advanced Distributed Energy Resources

Am attending the CADER conference being held this week in La Jolla. One of the topics so appealing to me is “Community Energy + Cleantech = Homebase for the new economy. ” Hot topics will include community owned energy AND micro-grids!!! They will be talking about the role of energy in our economic future. No […]

More on the reopening of Mountain Pass rare earth mine

America’s dependence upon China for rare earths critical to high gauss magnets and many ingredients used in the production of every day items like cell phones and computers has been an issue I have written about several times before. The Department of Defense is certainly concerned because Chinese made magnets are present in every weapons […]

Rogue River Wind update and a couple of pics

Rogue River Wind update and a couple of pics

We are coming closing in on our pre-production prototype and I am lucky to have a great staff in operations. As part of the company goal to provide jobs for veterans three of the four members of our operations department have served their country. My VP of Operations was a Lt Commander with the Navy and managed a 7MW floating power plant and is a systems engineer well suited to implementing smart/microgrids with distributed energy sources like small wind and solar.

V-LIM launch date coming soon!

V-LIM launch date coming soon!

All this time I thought research and development and prototype design was the hardest part (and believe me it isn’t easy), but the procedural side of launching a new product is pretty damned intense. The brain power required from conceptualization to production is not only extensive but the diversity required puts the old ‘thinking ten moves ahead’ in a chess game to shame.

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