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Occupy Wall Street at last a lefist populist movement

Occupy Wall Street at last a lefist populist movement

It is the first anti-authoritarian populist movement in this country. The previous populist movements had leaders, usually charismatic leaders. This is very different. We’ve never seen anything quite like this, and I think we’re in uncharted territory. This is a 21st century social movement, where the activists are taking advantage of new social media, from Twitter and Facebook, but also they have a …

Bill Moyer – There is a real populist movement going on now

The recent election results in Coos County actually gave me renewed hope the people are recognizing the power they really have to change things. Despite a local media that does little to really analyze the issues and inform the public, people are seeing for themselves the consequences of the status quo. Watch this video, it will show you just how much power you really have.