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When does revenge turn into self immolation?

<those of us believing in Karma will argue it is immediate and there is a fair example of this going on in Lakeside. Coast Lake News, because of its habit of actually reporting the news in Lakeside, including actions of the city council, has been the object of great attention by a Lakeside blog. The blog, LakesideInfo, has run a series called 'Mad as Hell' taking pot shots at Coast Lake News and its editor, Jessica Lloyd-Rogers. Now, after its preferred mayoral candidate, Rod Schilling, lost his position, the blog has gone even lower and is publishing what appear to be false quotes. This from a long list of "Facts" meant to discredit the newspaper –

Maddow – Glenn Beck accuses veterans group of being communists

Glenn Beck crosses another line, this time accusing a well respected veterans organization, IAVA, of being funded by and George Soros and being a communist front. This organization is comprised of men and women who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and IAVA advocates tirelessly for improved GI benefits as well as material support for troops deployed now. Beck, is a traitorous idiot.

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