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Coos County voters reject so called 'pro business' meme in favor of common sense

Monday night’s special meeting to ‘discuss’ providing a $1M tax abatement to Oregon Resources revealed an astonishing level of irresponsibility on the part of Coos County’s business community. Not one member speaking on behalf of the abatement even attempted to quantify how the local taxing districts or the county were better off without the tax […]

Electricity blackouts increase 124% and infrastructure crumbles

Economist Paul Krugman points out the dangerous after effects of trying to make government smaller The lights are going out all over America — literally…a country that once amazed the world with its visionary investments in transportation, from the Erie Canal to the Interstate Highway System, is now in the process of unpaving itself: in […]

V-LIM update

A quick update on the V-LIM. First, yesterday I gave a couple of talks on decentralized energy and setting up micro-grids to generate local energy and earn revenue to perhaps fund schools and local infrastructure. Again, keeping our dollars local rather than exporting them to investor owned utilities not only helps reduce our dependence upon […]

Smart grids and micro-grids should be part of new stimulus package

Smart grids and micro-grids should be part of new stimulus package

picture-1Heat waves in Australia and ice storms in the US have caused recent wide spread blackouts to millions of customers dependent on the centralized grid system, seven hundred thousand in Kentucky.

Obama promotes jobs through energy independence

President Obama is pushing an energy independent future to help create new jobs. During his weekly address he stated, “To accelerate the creation of a clean energy economy, we will double our capacity to generate alternative sources of energy like wind, solar, and biofuels over the next three years. We’ll begin to build a new […]

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