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Seething With Anger, Probe Demanded into Exxon’s Unparalleled Climate Crime

Seething With Anger, Probe Demanded into Exxon’s Unparalleled Climate Crime

Published on Friday, October 30, 2015 by Common Dreams by Jon Queally, staff writer A broad coalition of community groups along with prominent leaders from the nation’s top civil rights, environmental, and indigeneous people’s movements on Friday sent a joint letter to the U.S. Department of Justice demanding a federal investigation into allegations that oil giant ExxonMobil knew about […]

Tax credits or feed in tariffs? Renewable energy doesn't have to be so expensive

Part of the driving force toward implementation of renewable energy is state and federal incentives. It may be these very incentives are actually adding costs and impairing the broader goal of reducing carbon emissions. The cash grant program is set to sunset at the end of this year, but solar and wind energy advocates are […]

Electricity blackouts increase 124% and infrastructure crumbles

Economist Paul Krugman points out the dangerous after effects of trying to make government smaller The lights are going out all over America — literally…a country that once amazed the world with its visionary investments in transportation, from the Erie Canal to the Interstate Highway System, is now in the process of unpaving itself: in […]

EconVergence conference in Portland Friday

EconVergence conference in Portland Friday

Friday, I will be speaking at the EconVergence all about decentralizing and empowering communities with local owned power generation. Noam Chomsky will be speaking that same evening, all at the First Unitarian Church in Portland. Monday we moved the LIM stator using a very substantial forklift as seen in this cell phone photo.

Slowly, too slowly, getting things caught up

Been suffering from a bit of information overload, lately. Must admit, everything I am learning is of utmost interest to me and I love reading more and more on my favorite subjects, energy, economics (which I used to hate) and ecology. There is no limit to the information available and I am tasked by virtue […]