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Ducted fan wind turbine


Making the case for rooftop wind turbines

If an aerodynamically correct ducted fan wind turbine is located in these velocity-accelerated flows electric power production is higher than for remote open fans associated with an electric grid. The TOTAL system efficiency, from both an integrated construction and instant point power delivery perspective is the highest possible.

Rogue River Wind introduces radically new relativistic generator

Rogue River Wind introduces radically new relativistic generator

Coquille, Oregon
Rogue River Wind, Ltd, (RRW) an Oregon renewable energy company has acquired the rights to a revolutionary new relativistic generator (REM) design. RRW is the developer of a ducted fan wind turbine, the V-LIM, capable of operating in low, high and turbulent winds up to Class 2 hurricanes. The V-LIM requires an equally robust, high bandwidth, direct drive generator capable of capitalizing on these powerful kinetic forces. The higher the RPM the more power the REM produces.

Rogue River Wind update and a couple of pics

Rogue River Wind update and a couple of pics

We are coming closing in on our pre-production prototype and I am lucky to have a great staff in operations. As part of the company goal to provide jobs for veterans three of the four members of our operations department have served their country. My VP of Operations was a Lt Commander with the Navy and managed a 7MW floating power plant and is a systems engineer well suited to implementing smart/microgrids with distributed energy sources like small wind and solar.

V-LIM launch date coming soon!

V-LIM launch date coming soon!

All this time I thought research and development and prototype design was the hardest part (and believe me it isn’t easy), but the procedural side of launching a new product is pretty damned intense. The brain power required from conceptualization to production is not only extensive but the diversity required puts the old ‘thinking ten moves ahead’ in a chess game to shame.

New Years catch up #2 the V-LIM wind turbine

Rogue River Wind is very proud to announce the successful development of a high bandwidth wind powered generator capable of working in turbulent, gusty wind at all speeds utilizing the increased aerodynamic efficiencies of ducted fan technology. To be specific what we mean by high bandwidth is that unlike typical power curves where the turbine […]

V-LIM Power curves

The first power curves for the V-LIM are done and I will publish them here after some additional verification soon. We have learned a lot from these tests, have changed the magnet topology for a more focused flux and will segment the stator for faster saturation in the production models. Even without these changes we […]

Rolling blackouts in South Africa getting worse

For months I have been receiving news alerts about the failures and foibles of Eskom, SAs national electricity provider and the daily rolling blackouts. Now it seems, SA may be without power for as much as two weeks straight as the plants and grid shut down for maintenance. Something we have heard from several specialists […]

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