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Bill O’Reilly


Maddow – Fox News' impact on race relations

Fox News is trying to artfully slither out of the reputation they have worked hard to earn – that they are a shill for the right wing – and this latest dust up with Shirley Sherrod is bringing it home even to faithful viewers of ‘Faux News’. O’Reilly tries to ignore Rachel’s charges and redirect the argument to ratings. Advertising revenue may be why reporting news factually is less important to them than ratings.

Jon Stewart smacks O'Reilly in interview and Fox edits the tape

img src=”×150.png” alt=”” title=”Picture 3″ width=”150″ height=”150″ class=”alignright size-thumbnail wp-image-4214″ />The part of the interview that made it to O’Reilly’s show diminishes the scope of the debate Stewart attempted to get the ill informed O’Reilly to engage in. Thankfully, Gawker has broken the entire interview out for posterity hereWatch how a well educated informed short comedian can make a 6’5″ blowhard look silly. Awesome.