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Breaking ranks: US Military vs The White House

Nothing in my life has been more frustrating than being led by incompetent leaders. This first part of a two part article from Asia Times illustrates just how maddening it is for the military to be bound to the will of an incompetent leader and how criminal it is that our fighting men and women […]

More on homeless veterans

It is crushing to read stories like this and to see what an ungrateful nation we really are. Worse, how we disregard our veterans is not recent occurence but has been a blemish on our history since the revolutionary war. Today, perhaps because of the evolution of wars and the advent of improvised explosive devices […]

Military families voicing more disapproval

From USAToday Among military families, 55% disapprove of Bush’s performance compared with 64% of Americans without relatives in the service in the latest USA TODAY/Gallup Poll. Men in military families are more approving of Bush (47%) than female relatives (36%). “The numbers really aren’t much of a surprise,” says Joyce Raezer, executive director of the […]

Energy, copper, magnets and China, again!

As the developer of a high efficiency wind turbine and high bandwidth direct drive DC generator, I pay close attention to the price of copper and magnets as they are crucial to creating energy. Previously I wrote how China having 98% of the world’s neodymium reserves holds the market on high gauss magnets. The Department […]

US hand in nuclear arsenal

Arms sales are a tricky business and will often come back to haunt you. Take for example, US made surface to air missiles now being used against our own forces in Afghanistan. The road they traveled to come into the hands of the resurgent Taliban is not so long, nor so hard to trace. Pakistan […]

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