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National Security


This is the danger of importing foreign resources upon national security

Chavez is threatening to withhold oil shipments to the US believing that Exxon Mobil is acting in concert with the Bush administration to seize billions in Venezuelan assets. Exxon Mobil has gone after the assets of state oil company Petroleos de Venezuela SA in U.S., British and Dutch courts as it challenges the nationalization of […]

InfraGuard – guarding the infrastructure or structuring the guards

If Blackwater is the SS, and Homeland Security is the Gestapo, then InfraGuard must be the Nazi Party. I’m just guessing, because it’s all so secret. Note that in the Progressive article it says “when, not if, martial law is declared…” I don’t think Dumbya and Buckshot are planning on leaving office! “As Romney told […]

Energy and national security

To the matter of national security as it pertains to energy independence. The United States is already lumbering under record trade deficits and importing foreign fuel such as LNG for electrical power generation will only contribute to this deficit, further our dependence and expand our national debt. Terrorists would not have to blow up an […]

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