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Is the red tide turning?

Could the toxic red plume that has infested the standing tidal pools so long flooding the nation’s Capitol be turning? Hope springs eternal but it seems that many indicators point to a yes answer. Yesterday, we saw a patriot and a veteran, Congressman John Murtha, demand the immediate removal of troops from Iraq. “Our military […]

Civil Rights violations?

This from In short, Fitzgerald may be winding up charges of violating the civil rights of Joe and Valerie Wilson, the original goal of the leak.

2000 Dead Troops

“To save your world you asked this man to die; Would this man, could he see you now, ask why?” W. H. Auden How did Americans allow this to happen? How did we allow 2,000 kids to go to Iraq to die? Irrespective of the lies of an imminent threat, the promises of low casualties […]

They are heroes

Apparently, via the magic of the internet an article I wrote last week has in the space of only a few days, made its way around the world. The article ‘Why I Marched in DC’ was hard to write because it is hard being the mother of a trained killer. Sadly, I am only one in a growing sorority of other military mothers whose children have become experienced killers.

Peace March

When I was a little girl and again as a young woman dreaming about having children I never, ever, even for a heartbeat imagined that I would ever be the mother of someone that had killed somebody…but I am. There in Iraq in the dusty, sun baked rubble that was once the City of Mosques, Ar Ramadi, Iraq, my son repeatedly engaged an enemy, opened fire and ended lives.