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Not a partisan issue, please!

Via the DCCC I just received an email from Jack Murtha. The email asks that we sign a petition to demand of Congress an ‘honest’ debate about Iraq and our troops. Murtha reiterates once again what ought to be the battle cry of everyone who loves and cares about our troops, this is not a […]

Don't you just love Jack Murtha?

Murtha once again stepped up to the plate today to advocate for our troops and our childrens’ economic future. He came out swinging after President Bush’s speech this morning and unlike President Bush, Murtha took questions afterward. This is no doubt due to the fact that unlike President Bush, Murtha can actually answer them. One […]

Wes Clark's latest plan

I like retired Army General Wes Clark, might like him more if he had been a Marine, nevertheless, his latest NYT OP-Ed shows him still holding to the belief that a US military presence in Iraq is necessary to ‘affect‘ the outcome. As one prominent Kuwaiti academic explained to me, in the Muslim world the […]

Will you ask them to die without knowing why?

To save your world you asked this man to die; Would this man, could he see you now, ask why? W.H. Auden, epitaph for the tomb of an unknown soldier. To date we have asked 2,108 willing US warriors to die for us in Iraq. We asked them to die when we agreed to invade […]

Thank you Jack Murtha

It was 1992 when I cast my first vote for a 3rd party presidential candidate. Not because I expected or even wanted Ross Perot to win but because I felt it was the most powerful way for me to express my disgust with the two party system that so polarizes this nation today. Last Friday, […]

Is the red tide turning?

Could the toxic red plume that has infested the standing tidal pools so long flooding the nation’s Capitol be turning? Hope springs eternal but it seems that many indicators point to a yes answer. Yesterday, we saw a patriot and a veteran, Congressman John Murtha, demand the immediate removal of troops from Iraq. “Our military […]

Civil Rights violations?

This from In short, Fitzgerald may be winding up charges of violating the civil rights of Joe and Valerie Wilson, the original goal of the leak.