Recall campaign bombs

The clumsily run campaign to recall Coquille City Councilor Matt Rowe has failed to turn in the required 250 valid signatures to put the matter before the voters. Comprised of what amounted to little more than a Matt Rowe enemies list which included Coquille Mayor Kathi Simonetti, Councilor Ann Parker, newsprint publisher Jean Ivey-Gurney and even, it appears, Commissioner Bob Main, well known for holding a grudge in perpetuity, whose wife Deb Main, acted as treasurer for the committee.

Voters can still look forward to some choices in the upcoming city council races. Councilor Julie Nighswonger is running for reelection and John Cooper and Jay Westrum are hoping to join the council in January. Paul Recanzone, son of Jean Ivey-Gurney, has also thrown his hat in the ring.

In a surprise move, Mayor Kathi Simonetti also failed to turn in the required paperwork and necessary signatures to be considered for reelection. Rowe has entered the mayoral race along with Sam Flaherty a local pastor and volunteer fireman. If Rowe prevails and wins the mayoral race his council seat will become vacant and will be filled by a vote of the council just as Dave Chappelle recently filled the seat vacated by Mike Latham.

The Coquillian will be researching the candidates and providing information to help our readers make informed decisions this November.