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What’s going on with the treasurer’s race?

Rumors are flying that Fox was encouraged to run for the sole purpose of diluting the ballot and take votes away from Matt Rowe.

What’s going on with the treasurer’s race?

In case you missed it, the race for treasurer has gotten a bit strange. The office has recently been gutted by the commissioners diverting several duties to a new finance director/administrator and the salary slashed in half. Yet we now have three vying for the position. Heather Fox, a Coos County deputy tax collector and tax specialist is an office mate of treasurer candidate Megan Simms who filed February 3, challenging Coquille Mayor Matt Rowe. Fox filed for the office last week but this isn’t what is strange. Fox, who lists herself as an entrepreneur and apparently runs a little photography business and online venture called The Drawing Board Magazine, has no plans to spend any money on the campaign. Not only that but according to a job posting on the county website her current position pays more than the $28,000 annual salary for treasurer.

Given the claim that the office only takes a few days a month, maybe Fox wants more time for her photography business but otherwise why go after a position that pays less than she is already earning? Perhaps, like Simms, she expects to be paid for both positions but she isn’t planning on trying to win. If Fox is serious about wanting an elected office why isn’t she even going to raise money for a competitive campaign? These questions and more have fueled rumors that Fox was encouraged to run for the sole purpose of diluting the ballot to steal votes from Rowe or at least force a runoff between Rowe and Simms in November. The commissioners, Bob Main in particular, really don’t like the mayor.

On another note, Main shared more of his anti-government sentiment at this week’s BOC meeting. According to gun lover Main, NOAA will have two armed agents residing in Coos County full time. I was girding myself for another repeat of his oft told story about armed federal agents at a public meeting in Bandon but, thankfully he didn’t go there. Instead, he asked, “Why is this necessary?”

Without knowing the particulars as to why NOAA feels the need to arm some of its staff I would just mention that in light of the recent armed occupation at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge coupled with Coos County’s adoption of a pro gun ordinance and the fact we have a sitting commissioner aligned with groups that supported the occupation… maybe NOAA has a good reason.

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