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Sweet gets hot under the collar

Sweet gets hot under the collar

Unfortunately I missed this but at yesterday’s BOC meeting Commissioner John Sweet lost his temper. According to witnesses Sweet started a conversation with Phil Thompson a few minutes before the board meeting. The conversation wound around to the gun resolution being urged by gun rights advocates and Sweet told Thompson he just didn’t feel it was the county’s business to get involved. This is the same argument he gave for not supporting a resolution opposing components of the National Defense Authorization Act believed to infringe on civil liberties and Thompson reminded him of that.

As I understand it, Thompson told Sweet that he is supposed to represent the people and that his personal feelings should have nothing to do with his decisions. Then Thompson said something to the effect of, “Unless Arnie Roblan, Caddy McKeown and the Chamber approve you (Sweet) never do what the people want.”

Sweet stood up from his seat and roared, “Goddamit! I am not a slave to those people!” Or words to that effect.

Thompson immediately rose to his feet and said, “Yes you are!”

The pair squared off with such vehemence that a couple onlookers backed up in case they came to blows.  Sweet returned to his seat red faced and visibly disturbed.

This is one meeting I wish I hadn’t missed.


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