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The World misses the mark on Charter


By Theo Stanley

Most  citizens of Coos County are too busy with their normal lives and are unable to  attend commission meeting. Those that do make time are now labeled “the  noisemakers” by Mr. Barton. These “noisemakers” are citizens expressing their  constitutional rights to express their opinion on how they are governed and how  the County manages it assets. It is “noise” because no one is respectful enough  to listen to individuals that take the time to get 
involved and express an  opinion. 
“The  ultimate objective was to get a professional administrator to run the day-to-day  affairs of the county because the commissioners are, first of all, not  well-qualified to administer a government of that size and complexity,” Barton  said.  I find it strange how these  unqualified elected officials are qualified to hire a professional administrator  that is not 
responsible to the citizens of the County. This same professional  administrator would hire all individuals currently elected except for the  Sheriff and Commissioners. He would also have “golden parachute” attached to his  employment contract. 
“I think  home rule is a good thing,” said Commissioner Melissa Cribbins. “It reflects the  individual characteristics of a county. But I’m concerned in this case that it’s  small groups of people with individual interests.” 
The charter’s specificity also makes Commissioner John  Sweet think it’s geared toward individual interests, rather than countywide  needs. Mr. Sweet also claims “it’s attempt to undermine the concept of  representative government.” 
I say just the opposite is true. It requires that our  elected representatives be responsible and responsive to the citizens that elect  them. I challenge anyone to find any item in the charter that would benefit any  one special interest group. There are no “special interest” groups funding this  issue. It is strictly a “grass roots” movement. 
How Herne and Bell are doing it, by putting it to the  voters is the only method that private citizens can address the issue under  state law. “The current board of commissioners has repeatedly denied Herne and  Bell’s requests to consider their charter  specifically.” “Voice of the Voters” is the only avenue citizens have  to give guidance to the commissioners on how they (the citizens) are to be  governed.  
Respectfully, a Coos County Concerned  Citizen,
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