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Who ya’ gonna call? Who ya’ gonna trust?


“I have said all along,” declared Melissa Cribbins while discussing the SCCF during a May 20, 2014 board meeting. “I want all three commissioners to vote on this.” Cribbins was referring to an earlier claim she made that a May 2 work session vote approving the county joining the SCCF (South Coast Community Foundation), its bylaws and the since resigned original board of directors must first be ratified by being placed on the consent calendar and approved by the board before going into effect. Cribbins and John Sweet attended but Bob Main was scheduled to be out of town. At a later meeting Cribbins denied claiming the vote required ratification but yesterday admits she misspoke when she used the term “ratify” and that according to county counsel, the work session vote stands.

Despite waiting almost two months until all three commissioners could attend a regular meeting and the firm assertion above the actions taken during the work session have yet to be placed on the consent calendar or voted on by the entire board. The only vote undertaken by all three commissioners yesterday was to unanimously appoint Cribbins as “proxy” to represent the county during SCCF board meetings.

ghostbusters_by_jaumecullell-d738h71Cribbins made the original claim about ratification after she was taking some heat from the audience for holding the SCCF vote during a work session and may have hoped to deflect anger by assuring everyone there would be another vote. Or she may genuinely have been confused about the county rules but in either event the public has been misled.

The truth is scary. Yesterday we learned that an impromptu meeting can be held by our commission with just 48 hours notice and a vague description with no indication that action will be taken and that any vote will stand. The implications are frightening.

Cribbins also regurgitated the false claim that if the Jordan Cove tax money goes into the state school fund our schools will not benefit. That simply is not true as I have outlined here.

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4 Responses to "Who ya’ gonna call? Who ya’ gonna trust?"

  1. the reminder  July 3, 2014 at 8:13 AM

    Renewable Energy’s About To Dominate Global Power Investments,

    Wouldn’t it be nice if these local yokels in charge could see around the corner like the rest of the world.
    Why would any community invite a known hazard to town when they could get on a better path to financial prosperity. Not only do they insist on going down the wrong path, they hamper our ability to do the right thing for the future. All we do year after year is play wack-a-mole with this corrupt group in our local elections. The sad thing for the locals is that this same bunch of SCDC clowns will be running this area even if their grand plan for LNG dies on the vine.

  2. ben dover  July 2, 2014 at 9:04 AM

    Cribbins should cause the people to never again vote for an unqualified female. Hopefully the Bandon people who threatened recall of this bimbo will follow through.


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