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Matt Rowe for County Commissioner


By Shawn Jennings

Matt Rowe is running against Melissa Cribbins, the incumbent Commissioner.
The Crucial issue in this election is how we shall be governed. Will it be by a government we elect that is fully subject to all public records and meeting laws and is accountable to us through recall initiative and referendum or shall be governed by a shadow government?
The shadow government is under construction and Melissa Cribbins is under construction and Melissa Cribbins is helping to build it. Its architects are planning to divert 75% of the Jordan Cove Community Service Fees to two private corporations. Between then these private corporations will eventually receive over $20,000,000 yearly.
These fees are payments in lieu of taxes; however the architects of the shadow government claim these fees are not public dollars. Many leaders tell us the Community Enhancement Plan is “the chance of a lifetime”. Don’t believe it! The leaders peddling this snake oil are like beasts in rut – they smell the Jordan Cove money and they will do anything to get it.
Melissa Cribbins and her cohort John Sweet are part of this pack. They have repeatedly used their positions as Commissioners to help build the shadow government and they will continue to do so unless removed from office.
Matt Rowe is the hard working competent Mayor of Coquille. I have always found him accessible and willing to talk about any concern I have. He is endorsed by former County Commissioner Bev Owen. Bev was an excellent Commissioner and is one of the most ethical people I know. Matt is also endorsed by former Sheriff Mike Cook.
If elected Matt will vote to repeal the pay increase the Commissioners gave themselves last year. Matt opposes a tax break for Jordan Cove because he believes they “should pay their taxes like everybody else.”
A vote for anyone else but Matt is a vote for Melissa Cribbins and the shadow government.
Please join me in voting for Matt Rowe and the future of our County!

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One Response to "Matt Rowe for County Commissioner"

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    wassup  May 10, 2014 at 6:37 PM

    You have probably noticed that Ms. Cribbins is putting minimal effort into getting reelected. It would be impossible to do more damage with the SCCF chance of a lifetime. Perhaps the rumors going around for weeks that she has let it be known that she wants one of the overpaid officer/director positions at SCCF is true. It would be a large pay raise for her. We should elect Mr. Rowe to help her achieve her goals.


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