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The World channels its inner Steve Martin

The World channels its inner Steve Martin

Reading today’s “Cheers and Jeers” column I am reminded of Steve Martin’s comedy routine where he passes on sage advice from his grandmother. “Always, er… NO, never…” begins the quip and the rest is usually irrelevant. The paper engaged in its own crude version of the joke when it applauded Coos Bay Mayor Crystal Shoji for “choosing not to deal with a resolution opposing the National Defense Authorization Act” because it is federal law and not city business in the mayor’s opinion. Then, in the same column it again cheered Shoji, this time for suggesting a public meeting to discuss the constitutionality of placing religious symbols on public property, namely the cross atop a Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Mingus Park.

contortionaishAccording to the paper concerns about the NDAA are “overblown” and “irrelevant” which is quite a statement to be made in light of recent revelations that the NSA is spying on Americans thanks to provisions of the Patriot Act that have been determined to be unconstitutional. Newer revelations indicate the data collected by the NSA is now being used by federal agencies like the IRS and the DEA to falsify evidence for criminal prosecution.

The paper makes a curious claim, which if accurate, should be investigated by the Oregon Government Ethics Commission. “Questions of constitutionality have so far,” writes the paper, “kept discussion of the memorial behind executive session doors.” Since when is “constitutionality” exempted from Oregon public meetings law or any law except by the super secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court?

The cross would not be a matter of discussion at all were it not for the efforts of local citizens with support from a national organization. This is always how the peoples’ business is done, it starts at the local level. Shoji would garner more respect if she opened up a public forum to discuss offending provisions within the NDAA rather than saying, “I don’t think this is our job to do this.” It is up to the people to decide official business.

This is just another clumsy attempt by the editors to support the elected officials they like no matter how many back flips and contorted gymnastics moves are required to cover up for the hypocrisy some of these officials demonstrate.

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3 Responses to "The World channels its inner Steve Martin"

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    themguys  August 11, 2013 at 8:52 AM

    THIS is news collection by those pro’s at The World “news”paper:

    Like · Reply · Thursday at 11:09pm
    The World Newspaper We’ve contacted the Coos County Sheriff and they hadn’t heard anything. Do you have any more information so we can pin point this potential situation.

    Like · Reply · Thursday at 10:18pm
    The World Newspaper Hello Rebecca,

    Like · Reply · Thursday at 10:18pm
    Rebecca Stilson It was at approx. 12:00pm, state troopers, sheriffs, policemen, and plain clothed investigators were there, I saw a young woman maybe in her mid 20’s and also 2 males handcuffed on the front porch of the trailer, it seemed to be a raid of some sort
    Like · Reply · Thursday at 10:33pm via mobile
    Write a comment…

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    themguys  August 11, 2013 at 8:08 AM

    But, in the same column? On the same day? Come on World. They fall apart if it doesn’t involve a kid or a pink pig. Their Happy Thoughts Friday drew one response, theirs. What the H? It’s a “news”paper for crying out loud. Why don’t they put some effort to tell us, The People, just exactly what is going on with the Water Board,KMart and the latest incarnated Snake Oil Salesman selling 700 homes, low income housing?, to a declining population. Instead? They become stenographers again, copy copy copy whatever chicken food slides down their gullets fastest, easiest? Things are going on here, which should concern all of us, and they continue with the damned Happy Thoughts. WTF is it going to take to get someone in there who knows what “news” is? It’s disgusting. I was under a boil order for five days, no one bothered to tell us, not one person made the slightest attempt to inform us. No way to operate a community. They’ve operated in the dark, under cover of The World for decades, this blog is the only light shining on these charlatans(my opinion only). Lehman is running ORCCA the same way he has run the Airport Board, who expected a different result? Wasted millions of dollars, and leaving people hungry? For what purpose Lehman, what made you think you were qualified, and even worse? What the hell is wrong with the board of Orcca? Where the hell is Danny Loudmouth Stoddard, and his buddy DB Collins? I see DB is still flailing around whining about LNG being good for Coos County, what is that about DB? What you say about ORCCA now DB or whatever you call yourself? You and your side kick Stoddard had full mouths last year when The World helped you destroy a functioning system to help the poor. Proud of yourselves?


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