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Coquille Woman Tasered/Arrested – Voter Papers may play no part.

Coquille Woman Tasered/Arrested – Voter Papers may play no part.

Yes, I know, this isn’t a review of anything, I’m just as disappointed as you are. Mary, however, felt it would be more fitting for me to report on this event – I’m under the impression this is because I was at the “scene of the crime” before everything was cleared away – meaning, uh, the ambulance and police cars.

I was just leaving to go to the store when my neighbor pulled up and told me there was an ambulance in front of my father’s apartment – naturally, I raced over. Thankfully, it wasn’t him. A woman by the name of Lisa Mulvihill had been arrested for Attempted Burglary II, Attempted Theft II, Disorderly Conduct II, Resisting Arrest, and Interfering with a Police Officer at the corner of 3rd and Baxter Streets, (thank you to the Chief of Police, Mark Dannels, for giving us a list of her charges).

Ambulances were called after officers used a taser to subdue the suspect. Coquille Police Chief, Mark Dannels says “I have reviewed the paperwork submitted the officers and spoke to them and at this point, the actions of the officers is within policy and procedure and their training”.
Ms. Mulvihill, who fell at the scene and was hurt, was offered treatment twice, but refused it both times and eventually left in a car to the Coos County Jail.

Ms. Mulvihill had been passing out voter’s registration papers and was believed to have tried to break into the Episcopal Church.

According to Dannels, Coquille Police Department have only used tasers in the course of their work three times.

This most may be expanded upon by the big M., I’m just putting down what I know. Hope this cleared up some questions!

– S.

UPDATE: An eye witness to the event said the woman did not appear to resist arrest or warrant use of a taser

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