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Jayme Sue Austin strangled to death


What we all feared, especially with the broken necklace, is that Jayme was strangled. Dominick Dunne, who wrote a book about the murder of his daughter, Dominique, noted the prosecution highlighted for the jury the intense effort required by one human to strangle another. Horath would have had to maintain the pressure on Jayme’s neck for six full minutes. During the trial for Dunne’s killer, the prosecution set a timer and told the courtroom to be silent for six full minutes… the illustration successfully ended the defense argument the murder was an accident, or sudden crime of passion.

My heart aches for the family, the unimaginable pain of losing a loved one to another member of the family in such a vicious manner will tear them to pieces for a long time to come.

Jayme was a frequent visitor here, when my son, Chris, lived in Coquille. She last visited in September when my kids were up for my birthday. We all just feel so awful and Chris cannot believe he worked with her alleged killer, it has given him a very uncomfortable feeling.

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